May 08, 2011

Forex Trading – Daily Currency Forecast

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."
Hi, this is Jack Shepherd, and I’m a day trader. With starting this blog I want to help beginner traders to start their lucky road to success in this risky business. I call this my job – intraday trade. Everything about how to trade and being profitable every single day  you will find out on my blog Forex Trading – Daily Currency Forecast.
I post daily currency forecast and real-time forex signals to help novice traders get their pips. Also you will learn about forex indicators, technical analysis, how to use global news to predict where the price will go and the MOST IMPORTANT part of forex trading – trading psychology.
Forex it’s all about personality, it’s all about the ability of trader to make a decision to enter or not, to stop or keep going, to wait or go forward? Market analysis and technical analysis are made by myself and based on most trusted sources. First of all in my first post I want to show you why did I start blogging about forex daily trading. What are the main ingredients, the reasons that attract people to such risky life? The reasons are:
  1. Profession – Day Trader is the most risky occupation, but also the most profitable.
  2. Time – You will work when you want and how long you need, forex market works 24 hours a day 5 days a week.
  3. Profit – Profit from day trading not even measurable, cause there is no limits on being on “plus”
  4. Secure – I bet you never think that it can be secure business but… it can, you can’t lose more than you have, it will automatically close your order, before you get in debt.
  5. Trading Online – The ability of trading wherever you are, you need only internet connection. Now you can trade through your mobile phone.
These are the main reasons. If you think there can be added a few ones you’ll be right because every trader finds their reason. I appreciate for traders those will not stop on reached goals, those who keep going forward to the success and greater life by helping others who need their hand. Please subscribe to my blog for fresh daily updates. Have a good day!

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