May 29, 2011

Weekly Currency Forecast for 30 May – 3 June, 2011


It is more likely to continue it’s way upwards in the first days to around 1.4340 and if it breaks this level then to around 1.4412. And I think that $EURUSD will not continue it’s movement so far and
then it will go down to the levels 1.4253, 1.4292, 1.4150 and maybe lower. Watch my tweets for hourly tips and signals. And always know that you make decisions on your own risk.

(Current Price: 1.4285)

$GBPUSD will try to break 1.6515 and if it breaks then will go to around 1.6575 and higher. But it will not continue very long and after reaching this levels it is more likely to go down to around 1.6450, 1.6300, and maybe lower. For hot signals and my personal orders during the day on $GBPUSD follow my twitter account.

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(Current Price: 1.6475)

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